Excitedly, Swift points at the lake: “Turtles! And ducks!” She looks at the ground. “Oh. And a used condom.”


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taylor & olivia [nyc, 09/16/14]

In Canada people not only wanna have a picture of you, they come up with scenarios they want you to act out.
This guy comes up and he goes: “Here is what I need you to do, my daughter is a film maker and my wife is keeping her in the bathroom and I need you to go in there ey, just go in there and say congratulations on your film” so partly because I’m just too obedient and partly because I kinda wanted to stop talking to him, I was like HERE I GO. 


how to return my free u2 album 

Was there ever someone, on SNL, that you wanted to play, but you didn’t get a chance to play them?

Tina Fey talking about Amy’s, Rachel’s, and Maya’s kids [x]